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100pcs/Lot Digital Battery NP-40 NP40 CNP40 for Casio Cameras Z300 Z400 Z450 NP40 FC100 FC150 Z750 Z57 Z55 Z50 BenQ DC P500 E520

100pcs/Lot Digital Battery NP-40 NP40 CNP40 for Casio Cameras Z300 Z400 Z450 NP40 FC100 FC150 Z750 Z57 Z55

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€ 205.80

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Normally, we declare the product value less than the true value on customs declaration when shipped by air post, to avoid customs fee for you.
Our advantages We are one the leading suppliers in China for power products, we provide high quality products; We keep stock for most of our products, we are carrying on a very small MOQ for customers; Small order quantity, but factory price; Fast delivery. Batteries are taken as dangerous sensative items, it's hard to ship, we may not ship by the Post that you choose, we'll choose the best shipping way for battery items according to our freight forward's professional advice; (4).
Warm notifications : Regarding Shipping Methods (1).
Best replacement for the following OEM battery part numbers :
Mr. Especially South American countries' customs are very hard, even when the parcels arrive the local countries, packages may still be held by customs for several weeks. Ben Q DLI-202, DLI202. Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. If you do not get your package in 30 days, please kindly call your local post office or contact us, then we will check it for you. If you want to get the goods fast, please kindly choose Express Shipping Way(DHL/Fed Ex/UPS/TNT/EMS/E-EMS); (2).Battery 120-CS003-10-0, Mr.100pcs/Lot Digital Battery NP-40 NP40 CNP40 for Casio Cameras Z300 Z400 Z450 NP40 FC100 FC150 Z750 Z57 Z55 Z50 Ben Q DC P500 E520
Features : 100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipments and chargers; Absolutely no memery effect so that you can charge battery at anytime; Low impedance battery design; 12 months warranty. If you have any specific demand, please contact us before shipping. And we do not charge any local tariff. For AC power adapter Plug. Your five stars positive feedback will be highly appreciated. Negative feedback does not solve anything and will badly affect our store, if there is any question, please just feel free to let us know, we are always willing to work things out, thanks a million for your attention
Supplier Promise Returns : We do our best to serve our each. Works wonderfully for Casio Exilim Digital Cameras :
EX-FC100, EXFC100, FC100
EX-FC100 BK, EXFC100 BK, FC100 BK
EX-FC100 WE, EXFC100 WE, FC100 WE
EX-FC150, EXFC150, FC150
EX-FC150 BK, EXFC150 BK, FC150 BK
EX-FC150 RD, EXFC150 RD, FC150 RD
EX-Z30, EXZ30, Z30
EX-Z40, EXZ40, Z40
EX-Z50, EXZ50, Z50
EX-Z55, EXZ55, Z55
EX-Z57, EXZ57, Z57
EX-Z100, EXZ100, Z100
EX-Z100 BE, EXZ100 BE, Z100 BE
EX-Z100 BN, EXZ100 BN, Z100 BN
EX-Z100 PK, EXZ100 PK, Z100 PK
EX-Z100 SR, EXZ100 SR, Z100 SR
EX-Z200, EXZ200, Z200
EX-Z200 BK, EXZ200 BK, Z200 BK
EX-Z200 RD, EXZ200 RD, Z200 RD
EX-Z200 SR, EXZ200 SR, Z200 SR
EX-Z300, EXZ300, Z300
EX-Z300 BK, EXZ300 BK, Z300 BK
EX-Z300 SR, EXZ300 SR, Z300 SR
EX-Z300 PK, EXZ300 PK, Z300 PK
EX-Z450, EXZ450, Z450
EX-Z450 GD, EXZ450 GD, Z450 GD
EX-Z500, EXZ500, Z500
EX-Z600, EXZ600, Z600
EX-Z600 BK, EXZ600 BK, Z600 BK
EX-Z600 SR, EXZ600 SR, Z600 SR
EX-Z700, EXZ700, Z700
EX-Z700 GY, EXZ700 GY, Z700 GY
EX-Z700 SR, EXZ700 SR, Z700 SR
EX-Z750, EXZ750, Z750
EX-Z850, EXZ850, Z850
EX-Z1000, EXZ1000, Z1000
EX-Z1050, EXZ1050, Z1050
EX-Z1050 SR, EXZ1050 SR, Z1050 SR
EX-Z1050 PK, EXZ1050 PK, Z1050 PK
EX-Z1050 BK, EXZ1050 BK, Z1050 BK
EX-Z1050 BE, EXZ1050 BE, Z1050 BE
EX-Z1080, EXZ1080, Z1080
EX-Z1080 GY, EXZ1080 GY, Z1080 GY
EX-Z1080 PK, EXZ1080 PK, Z1080 PK
EX-Z1080 BK, EXZ1080 BK, Z1080 BK
EX-Z1080 BE, EXZ1080 BE, Z1080 BE
EX-Z1200, EXZ1200, Z1200
EX-Z1200 SR, EXZ1200 SR, Z1200 SR
EX-Z1200 BK, EXZ1200 BK, Z1200 BK
Pro EX-P505, EXP505, P505
Pro EX-P600, EXP600, P600
Pro EX-P700, EXP700, P700
Zoom EX-Z50, EXZ50, Z50
Zoom EX-Z55, EXZ55, Z55
Zoom EX-Z57, EXZ57, Z57
Zoom EX-Z750, EXZ750, Z750 Also works wonderful for :
Ben Q DC P500
Ben Q DC E520
Ben Q DC E520+
Ben Q DC E521
Ben Q DC E610
and more models.

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Mudeli Number:
Brändi Nimi:
Guangdong, Hiina (Mandri)
Nominaal Pinge:
3.7 V

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